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God’s Will in Our Life

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  1. How true these words are… yesterday after church we couldn’t go home as our road was flooded…
    My daughter and son in law were worried and upset as the 4 dogs and 2 cats might go on the floors
    (you know what I mean.) I then remembered what our minister said, “Trust the Lord”. I did,
    After 2 hours, we arrived home safe and sound and all was well. PRAISE THE LORD !!!

  2. Father every day i give thanks for my friends,family and bringing my husband & I together as one,
    i thank you for the roof over our heads,shoes on our feet,clothes on our back,food on our table and all the
    blessing that we received… Thank you father for our men and women who had fought for our country so
    that we could have our freedom!! God bless the family’s on lost of their love one’s. Father there is so much
    that we all take for granted like water,electric,food,jobs,our eyes to see,our ears to hear,our taste buds and
    wake up to another BEAUTIFUL DAY! etc… I pray my lord that the negative thoughts i have that i would find the
    positive! Thank you my lord that i can put all my burden’s on you and to put my trust in you.. I love you father in Jesus name amen…

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