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  1. that”s the truth i beening calling him all my life

  2. Thank you Ruth and everyone else for viewing my video/poem. The Good Lord whispered this to me and said a certain someone needed to see it. So here it is! :-) I never question Him; I just do His bidding. Hugs ~ Chee Chee Martin :-)

  3. Chee Chee That is very meaningful for all of GOD’S children. If we learn to reach for OUR SAVIOR’S hand we will be able to walk in the light and are struggles become very small. Repent and walk the straight narrow path to eternal life. Love and GODs Blessings, To All of You.

  4. You are absolutely right Anita. Our Savior is always there for us. All we have to do is acknowledge Him. He hears all our prayers and pleas. Our Savior and our Father are AWESOME! :-) Hope you have a beautiful day today. Smile and bask in God’s light! :-) Hugs ~ Chee Chee Martin :-)

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