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The Rose Beyond the Wall

A rose once grew
where all could see,
sheltered beside
a garden wall,
And as the days passed
swiftly by,
it spread its branches, straight and tall....

One day, a beam of light
shone through
a crevice that had
opened wide ~
The rose bent gently
toward its warmth
then passed beyond
to the other side

Now, you who deeply
feel its loss,
be comforted ~ the rose blooms there ~
Its beauty even greater now,
nurtured by
God's own loving care.

© Author Unknown



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  1. this was very touching i just wish i had someone to love.

  2. That makes two of us Dianne Starszak, or, in my case someone that would love me.

  3. this is such a beautiful and versitile poem. It displays a sense of peace and everlastingness for the loved one that passed, while giving peace and faith to the family in knowing that loved one is with our Father. ALIVE and doing WELL.

  4. This is so pretty as I really do enjoy poems. Thanks for putting this where I could read it so wonderful and I put this on face book for others to enjoy besides me. This is so wonderful to be able to send to some who
    has lost a wonderful friend “A Prayer For You!” Thanks for your lovingkindness! Anna Rhyne 499 Mountain View Road, Statesville, N. C. 28625

  5. this is si pretty and so heart felt, i love all the poems and verses that you send

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