Through Time and Space

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Through Time and Space

Post by MichelleS » Wed Jul 27, 2005 4:15 pm

To Elijah, with Much Love

Timeless thoughts beseech me
through the mystic channel of cyberspace:
You're uplifting, strong glorious Heart,
Wisdom writ on eye and face-
d with incredible circumstance.
I link hands with you, gentle friend,
respecting whatever boundary you'd like to send:
I will love you as you want to be loved,
adapt, so you will see
the nature of Love and the Unified One
as it was always meant to be.
Stay safe, be whole, let your love shine not just to me
but to all you encounter who accompany you
on Life's profound long journey
for I am in love with you, too--
so much, so much
that I set you free in rapturous joy
just as you delivered me.

Be well, and hopeful, and undefined
by the limits of others, Beautiful Stranger,
my First Friend, my Teacher, my True Love--
uncorrupted and so uncorrupting me....
My body to you unbed, and so my heart enflamed and wed
to such lovely sentiments
full of Grace, Resounding Purity!

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