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I've Waited So Long

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:00 am
by norman
I've Waited So Long

I've camped for so long
A long the Jordan river banks
Before going to visit "The Old Rugged Cross"
To see the blood stained ground and give my thanks

I've waited oh so long
For things to come my way
And after discovering Jesus
I wander how I made it a day

I've been waiting so long
For things to change on their own
But I found all the answers
Coming down from the throne

I've been so blind at times
The answers I could not see
Just to find out later
That Jesus was leading me

I've listened for the answers
That was there all along
Now as I look back on them
They was easy as words in a song

I've waited and waited
To hear certain lines
But none came better than
When I heard "Son You're Mine!"

Written 11/12/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)