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Post by izzyfalcon » Mon May 21, 2012 5:36 pm


A bunch of,"Golden Keys", are mine;
They make my days with gladness,…shine.
The little key of prayer, each hour;
Brings me sweet rest, and wordless Power!....

Next to this key, I love to use;
The one called, "Praise", a mighty fuse.
It never fails, to warm my heart;
As I hinder Satan, with this dart!....

The, "Hallelujah", is also a key;
That fills me full, of ecstasy.
One cannot feel down, or blue;
When saints are praising God,…for you!....

The, "Glory", key is also mine;
Rings true, a melody divine.
And points to my, "Salvation", key;
Which always hangs, right close to me!....

These keys remind us, of our destiny;
When our Redeemer, we shall see.
And in His Glory, we will shine;
Forever more, is my Lord,...Divine!....

Your Friend,

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