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I Thought of You Today

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As I went about my daily routine
a thought came to mind:

You've always been a support to me;
something so hard to find.

We have shared so many moments together;
laughter, joy, and sometimes even rough weather

Yet you have always stood by me.

You have been a teacher, a guide, a pillar of hope,
you've made me smile; helped me cope.

As long as time continues,
I know you will always be a close friend.
Through all of life's ups and down...
friendships like this never have end.

So just to let you know,
I had to stop and say
As busy as life may be...
I thought of you today.
Thank for being such a great friend!

Author Unknown - Submitted By: Evlyne S.

I just wanted you to know
that I was thinking of you today!

Music © Author Unknown



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  1. “I Thought of You Today” would be perfect for husbands…So, here’s to Walt Rose, thanks for being my best friend! Also, to Nel and Pete who have been best friends since 1977, and are always as close as my phone!

  2. This is very nice, thank you so much my good friend. I might add I think of you also..

  3. We have been friends a long time and I miss you so much.
    LOVE YA!

  4. That is a beautiful poem and really touched my heart very deeply. Beings I am 92 years of age, most of my close friends have passed away, but I treasure the good memories we enjoyed together. I keep in touch with a couple that I have been friends with for 46 years and it is truly a blessing to have them for dear friends. Love and GODs Blessings, To All of My Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST Anita May GODs Angels continue to watch over all of you forever, is my prayer.

  5. I sent this to my dearest friend with whom I vowed to remain for 7 yugs. I am so thankful to him for all the support. I love him with my deepest feelings. I can do anything for him.

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