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May You Always Have


May you always have...

Enough happiness to keep you sweet,

Enough trials to keep you strong,

Enough sorrow to keep you human,

Enough hope to keep you happy,

Enough failure to keep you humble,

Enough success to keep you eager,

Enough friends to give you comfort,

Enough wealth to meet your needs,

Enough enthusiasm to look forward,

Enough faith to banish depression,

Enough determination to make
each day better than yesterday!

Written By: BJ.Morbitzer
Used With Permission

Music © Yuko Ohigashi

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  1. This is a lovely sentiment. It’s heart warming to know someone wishes all the good things life has to offer to others as well. However, I can’t help but think of the millions of unfortunate people around the world who are disenfranchised, existing below the poverty level along the streets and alleyways of our cities, at a subsistence level far below what we would consider decent and adequate. Our prayers should include providing help and hope for all the less fortunate who have been forgotten and neglected by their respective cultures, governments, societies and families.

  2. Enough from every good thing…means to stay, always, in the right and light …
    Thank you!

  3. That is a very uplifting poem and I thank you B.J. Mortizber as that is something all of GODS children need to remember each day. Sheila Marshall I agree with every word of your comment as it is truly sad that their are so many homeless, unfortunate people out there in this world. We truly need to carry a prayer in our hearts for them, plus the non-believers to find it in their hearts to learn to walk with JESUS CHRIST everyday.

  4. The only thing that I can do for the unfortunate people & animals in the world is to pray to the LORD
    for them and know that He is faithful in helping them… GOD is also watching and helping them, I

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