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Our Eternal Love

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  1. This certainly touched my heart, as that is the very kind of love my husband and I treasured, because it was a gift from OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. I have missed my husband for 32 years in July and I know he is with GOD in His eternity. Thank you Steve Politte for this loving message and May all of you enjoy a Happy Valentine’s Day Love and GODs Blessings, To all of you. Your Sister in CHRIST Anita

  2. Reading this at this time of the year causes me to think back when my wife Marlene was with me and
    the love we had for all our years together on this earth. Thanks for this. God Bless.

  3. The Kind of love God puts in our hearts cannot be imagined by ordinary people but is good when people can write something to bring them back to us in memory unexplainable. I enjoyed Anita your comment very much. God Bless, W.C.

  4. So beautiful, GOD BLESS US ALL

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