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Life is a Journey




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  1. Life is a good journey if you have someone to share it with. It’s nice to share anything with that special person and they’re path is going in the same direction too. I hope to share mine with the right man some day and to share everything with the man. Your journey can be anything you want it, share it with that person, going down the road, walking on a path or the highest mountain you may want to climb someday.
    Enjoy your journey while you are still young, b/c you may not have another chance.

  2. I will just keep walking”…too; until I will find the real road in God’s will for tomorrow…
    Very, very nice…I love this poem!

  3. Yes, I too, love this poem.
    Perhaps one day my journey will take me to where I want to be.

  4. Sweet Dreams

  5. Lovely words and so meaningful

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