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  1. Growing old is a new experience,we have never done it before.

  2. CheeChee that was truly beautiful and thank you very much the privilege of enjoying. It brought tears of sadness and joy to my eyes, as memories of my Dad and Mother that was such terrfic parents.

  3. I just knew as I watched this video it had to have been done by Chee and sure enough it was. I watched as others as they grew old and now others are watching me. God bless all and especially Chee for this beautiful video which touched my heart. Your friend, Jane

  4. Strange,my sons were supposed to watch us grow old,they have both been taken from me.We have no one left=how terribly lonely

  5. I watched my parents grow old and now they are not here with me. It is my time to grow old and my children watch me age…my skin no longer flexible so wrinkles seem to be prominent on my skin and my steps slow as I seek to keep up the pace I once enjoyed. Tasks I once could do with ease seem to take more time as I bend from the waist rather than from my knees. Still I find joy that time cannot erase as with the lines on my face for deep within the core of my being I am still the same as I look toward the the future still believing God has work for me to achieve. Chee Chee, thanks so much for capturing the essence of aging in this beautiful video which brought tears to my eyes. God bless you. Jane

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