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American Railroads in the 1940s (26 pics)

These retouched photographs were taken in America during 1940s.
It shows railway work life of both men and women.

If you know the author of these great photographs, please let us know so that we may give proper credit.
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  1. My dad, Carl Densmore hired in on the section gang (track layers) at 18 for New York Central. Later promoted to fireman (shoveling coal) on the steamers. And finally an engineer. When I was a kid he would take me occasionally and I got to ride on the engine with him. He retired from Conrail after 42 years of service at age 63. We lost hime to cancer in 1993 at age 65. These pics take me back to a special time and place.

  2. Fantastic photographs! I don’t know how you got my email address but thanks a million for sharing them with me!

  3. I love train. These pictures remenberes me of lot of souvenirs. The good old time.

  4. MY FATHER WAS SUPERINTENDENT OF EQUIPMENT (ALL ROLLING STOCK) FOR THE NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD DURING WW II.] WHEN THE RAILROADS WERE A KEY TO WINNING THE WAR…he was exempt from military service and was favored with his needs so that he could function as an important executive on the nycrr

  5. Beautiful photos..Bring back fond memories..My Gr.Father and dad both worked for RRs and I followed suit My dad was a (train) dispatcher for the B&O RR and I worked for the B&O RR also. Korea came along and I did my time in The USN and rtnd to the RR after my discharge. I decided to go to college which ended my RR career after 11 yrs,
    but I have fond memories of those years….It was a good job for a young man fresh out of highschool—-also had a lot of potential……….

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