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Newtown, Connecticut Online Memorial

Lord, bind up the broken, the shattered hearts of love.
Bring down Your healing, send peace from heaven above.
So many little children, lives snuffed out today.
Oh my Heavenly Father, to You I now pray.

The tragedy in Connecticut, would never happen again.
Oh Lord, I pray for the families, in their excruciating pain.
Lord, my heart is aching, I know that Yours is too.
I pray that you'd bring healing to the survivors of this too.

Lord, we watch in horror, to think that this could be.
So many little children, sent to eternity.
Many adults that were with them, were caught in the carnage too.
Oh my Heavenly Father, what are we to do.

How do we heal the heartache, the shattered families.
Please send down Your Spirit, like a gentle breeze.
To bring hope and healing in the carnage of this man.
Oh Lord in this tragedy, You are the only one who can.

Bring about the healing, as only You can do.
Touch the shattered community, help us look to You.
Oh Lord, please stop these attacks on the innocent people.
I pray we'd lift our eyes and hearts, looking to Your steeple.

Lord, I can't even imagine, the pain they're going through.
How do they go on, what are they to do.
My heart is spilling over, my eyes well up with tears.
Lord, the healing of this community will take so many years.

Families planning for Christmas, now plan funerals in pain.
Oh Lord, please let this tragedy, never happen again.
Lord, bind up the broken, the shattered hearts of love.
Bring down Your healing, send peace from heaven above.

Written & Submitted by: © Debbie Preuss
December 14, 2012.

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  1. This tragedy has touched the hearts of the entire nation and beyond. The loss has been felt in every home. God, please comfort and support to the families and friends who have to live the rest of their lives with the pain of this cruel action. Rest in peace ..

  2. Bill Midnightsin Bowermaster · Top Commenter · Douglass byrd high school
    Please do not let my profile pick bring judgement directed at me because I am 100% sincere. I was raised within a Christian type household that I am thankful for but I will not claim any religion. My relationship with the almighty is between me and him. I struggle daily looking for answers to such things like this tragedy. Just thinking about it everyday tears at my heart with questions like most of us who are morning for these beautiful young children and teachers who were and are still so innocent. My heart is so hurt and the tears are flowing as I type this and think of all who suffers and their Families. If I was a rich man, I would no longer be a rich man. If my Cabinets were full of groceries, I would no longer have full cabinets and if the Creator gave me 1 chance to take the place of the children who has suffered around the world. I would lay my life down for anyone of them. White, Black, Indian, etc…All the pain we suffer here will pass and the joy of reuniting with our loved ones will be so wonderful, there will be nothing missed on this planet because when we leave loved ones behind, it is only temporary. I am no Saint. I am not free of Sin but I do know where my bread is buttered! May the almighty give everyone who has been touched by a tragedy be washed with peace and the main Mans mercy… Blessings to all…MidNight
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  3. I am an Australian and I really cannot understand why Americans have not risen in the millions and supported the much needed ban on assault weapons. I was brought to tears by the loss of innocent little lives and it made me very angry. You, as the people of a great nation, have the power to stop this simply by standing up for what is right. You just can’t keep saying “what a tragedy” “The poor families” “hope it won’t happen again” because it will happen again. Aren’t you angry enough to say “enough is enough”. We had one tragedy in the 1980′s where 35 people were killed by one maniac and assault weapons were banned as a result. PLEASE… start getting angry that somebody could kill 20 babies and nothing changes.

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