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Formula Trivia

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I am going to warning you this may be a little difficult... Heh Heh Good Luck!

[u]Medical Terminology[/u] *what is it in english or out of abbrev.?*

What is ASA ii po q4h prn?
What is Tyl 350 mg ii po q4h prn?
Amoxil 250 mg IM qd?
VS qid?

Now... it is time for the Math Formulas...

What is surface area of a Rectangular Prism?
What is surface area of a Cube?
" " " " "Square pyramid?
" " " " " " " Cylinder?
" " " " Cone?
what is the diameter of a Circle?
What is the interest formula?
what is the Volume formula for a square pyramid?
What is the Volume formula for a Hexagonal Prism?
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