Christmas Magic

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Rufus Curtis
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Christmas Magic

Post by Rufus Curtis » Sat Jan 16, 2016 8:54 am

I miss the Christmas magic
the way it was way back when
Nowadays it seems lacking
no magic like it was back then

I remember ol' Santa
and counting days 'til he came
What a blessing was Santa
I miss him oh what a shame

Christmas magic gave to us
a sweeter kinder spirit
We wouldn't argue or fuss
for fear Santa would hear it

It was a much simpler time
when Christmas magic would reign
For back home at Christmas time
true Christmas love would remain

I miss the Christmas magic
how special it used to be
We've lost it and that's tragic
I really miss what used to be

Let's bring back the Christmas magic!

Written by
Rufus Curtis
Copyright 11/30/2015

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