Reach Down Your Hand Dear Lord

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Reach Down Your Hand Dear Lord

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Reach Down Your Hand Dear Lord

Reach down your hand dear Lord
And help those losses in the floods
As they send you up their word
Praising every drop of Your blood

Help those that are yet lost
Find their way back home
So the families can find closure
May they never be alone

Help console those grieving
For those that have died
They are someone's children
No matter how old someone cried

Help the families gather their wits
And courage to see them through
Throughout all of these trials
May they come even closer to You

It’s going to take a lot of time
To get everything back even close
But we all know time heals
It’s Your touch they need the most

Many hearts are surely broken
But houses and items can be replaced
May Your love see them through
Until one and all get to see your face

With whole towns under water
The chaos has to be at a high
May they get down on their knees
With a prayer sent to the sky

Oh Lord we pray to thee
As they are hurting so
Send help where you can
And we pray they will know

Written 7/31/22 by Norman Hale
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