Standing At The Casket

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Standing At The Casket

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Standing At His Casket

She waits for her lover's casket
As it unloads from the plane
Then reality sinks in
And her tears flow like rain

As she thinks back in time
Remembering the day he left out
The had their first big fight
As she began to scream and shout

She said some things that she regrets
As he was walking out the door
Like "I hate you ,for leaving"
And "I hope you don't come back no more"

Now,she can't tell him she's sorry
For the things she said that day
Her words spoke out in anger
Now they can never be taken away

She's been in a deep shock
And in an utter disbelief
Since she got the news
She's never faced any grief

She never got to tell him
They had a baby on its way
One reason for that fight
She didn't want him to go away

Oh but now what,is she to do?
Can she raise his baby on her own
How is she going to survive
Now that he's left there all alone

She barely remembers the funeral
As if it was a blurry dream
Sometimes it wakes her up
As she cries out and screams

Sometimes she feels him
Standing there by her side
Looking down on her and son
Smiling at them with pride

His death was an accident
That was the military's claim
Yet the story sounds so fishy
As if,almost a bit to lame

She clings to their son
As if he's her last hope for prayer
Thinking if she raises this kid
He'll see how she really cared

So watch the words we speak
We never know when it's our last
Live for the future and each moment
As we move on with life leaving our past

Inspired by a picture
Written 12/22/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 (All rights reserved
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