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Road Of Dreams

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2020 1:39 pm
by norman
Road Of Dreams

As I go through a dream
Down a road so long ago
Reviewing things from the past
As if I was watching a t.v. show

I see friends from the past
That I haven’t see in many years
We acted like nothing happened
As I wiped away some tears

On down that road I can see
Sitting in the woods watching nature
Watching everything in an awe
As I watch God’s great creatures

Limbs swaying with each breeze
As the sun comes shining through
Birds singing all in harmony
I sure enjoyed these awesome views

Squirrels were running through the trees
Jumping like monkeys from limb to limb
Running gathering up the nuts
Before Winter starts to set in

As I head back that old road
A great sadness comes to mind
It would be great if it was like a movie
Where I could just sit back and rewind

Something moved on my foot
And I sat right up in the bed
It was one of my rotten cats
Waking me up from the dream in my head

Written 10/02/2020
By Norman Hale Jr