Sweet Dreams

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Sweet Dreams

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Sweet Dreams

As I was sleeping
I fell into a dream so pure
I dreamed of so many loved ones
As we stood there on Heaven’s shore

I dreamed of so many pets
That I’d had in the past
As they ran and played with me
I wanted this dream to forever last

As I talked to the loved ones
They told me of things I once did
As we laughed and we talked
We brought up things when I was a kid

St. Peter stood there by the gate
With a big grin upon His face
Knowing it was all to true
For had watched it from up there in space

Friends all gathered around
To listen to all my stories
Catching them all up to date
While I was blessed to visit Glory

Then a cold chill hit me
And I rolled over in bed
There stood a ghostly figure
At the foot of my bed

I said “what happened?”
“I was just on Heaven's shore”
Then I heard a voice say
“You’re not done here, you have more”

Then a dog barked twice
And that figure just disappeared
I tried to go back to sleep
But, things in my mind just wasn’t clear

Why did I dream that?
Was there some kind of sign?
Maybe it’s God’s way of saying
“Things are ok, and you’re still mine!”

So get down on your knees
And pray a powerful prayers
Then when we’re called up Yonder
I hope to see you all There

Written 1/28/22 by Norman Hale
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