Morning Glow

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Morning Glow

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Morning Glow

Aw the purple glow upon the waves
As the sun begins to rise above
Purple waves are moving with each ray
Shining through with God's pure love

Soon the sun will burn brighter
As the sun gets brighter each second
Moving like a torches igniter
With the grace of God’s hand

Soon they’ll turn more red
Then to pink as the sun moves higher
Like back when our Savior bled
So we all shall not burn in hell’s fire

Then it will turn to a golden yellow
Like that on Jesus crown
We must feel meek and mellow
Before in our pity we drown

So enjoy every sunrise we can
Before it becomes way to late
Help out wherever we can
And hope to see you at Heavens Gate

Written 2/28/2022 by Norman Hale
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