Ask For Forgiveness

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Ask For Forgiveness

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Ask For Forgiveness

May ten thousand Angels
Come down from the sky
As every knee shall bow
And every eye shall cry

As the four horsemen
Spread out across that morn
May the Angel sing in harmony
Just before Gabriel blows his horn

As Jesus comes down that stairs
To call out each one's name
Those that are left behind
Will soon learn a soulful pain

As each name is called out
May they rise towards Heavens gate
Leaving this old world behind
Free from suffering,pain and hate

So get on your knees while you can
Before death comes knocking on your door
Then you’ll find it’s already to late
And you’ll burn in Eternity for-ever-more

Ask for forgiveness, this I beg of you
Just as Jesus did on that cross
Trying to show us all back then
That everything comes with a cost

Written 4/25/22 by Norman Hale
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