Good Morning Lord

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Good Morning Lord

Post by linda56 » Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:49 am

A Story:

The morning is dark and dreary as I step outside, to make the journey to work.The wind is cool but what can you expect on a late fall day with winter just around the corner.
As I start my walk, I am thinking about what kind of day lays ahead for me.Will I be busy at the store or will I have a nice relaxed day. Thats kinda a laugh when I think about it as Mondays are always busy!
Who knows, maybe today will be a surprise for me!
I started my daily talk which I have everyday on my way to work with my Lord in Heaven. It is a routine that I have had for years now. First I say a prayer and then carry on a big conservation with Him about how my life is going. I hope that He is pleased with me. I do my best to obey His Words and I take all my burdens to Him. He has helped me in so many ways. I feel so Blessed knowing that He is there to talk to whenever I want. His Divine love surrounds me and fills my soul with His never-ending love which brings me so much comfort, knowing He is always there!
Then out of the blue, I heard a soft whisper and I look around!
But could not see anyone, close to me.
So I continued to walk on my way to work but then, I heard the whisper again!
Slowly, I turned around but no one was there.
Well, I thought, Is my imagination running wild on me?
I know I heard a whisper, someone was calling my name.
I shouted out, who ever you are "Stop Calling Me!"
This made me really think, perhaps I am starting to lose it!
Because here I was shouting into thin air, and No one there!
I felt kind of foolish and yes, I did feel a little bit afraid also!
This definitely was not me at all for I am always aware of my surroundings.
I always keep myself so well-reserved but this was something unheard of, me screaming that is!
My first instinct was that perhaps, I was being stocked!
But who would want to stock me, of all people!
I am 60 years old with a few extra pounds. Why, I am no raving beauty!
I am just a woman who is getting older and my grey hair is my solid proof!
As each day passes, wrinkles are popping up everywhere!
Perhaps, other people cannot see them but I sure can!
I am just an everyday person who lives a plain ordinary life, struggling from day to day!
I have nothing to offer anyone, so I guess the theory of being stocked is definitely ruled out!
And if its money someone is after, well they can easily forget that scenerio!
I only have enough money to get by from month to month, which leaves me with very little to spare.
Oh My Gosh, perhaps some evil person is out there going to harm me, I thought! But, why would someone want to harm me?
Why, I have no enemies and I try my best to get along with everyone. Actually, I think I am very friendly when it comes down to it. I really don't like rude, mean, unkind people! Too bad, everyone couldn't be as happy go lucky as I am! I consider myself to be a real down-to-earth person!
Well after thinking all that, my mind shifted away from being scared and I started to think happy thoughts.
Soon, I will be at work. When I finally reached there, I was somewhat relieved, as I heard no more whispers!
I was very busy with the phone answering calls, etc. that morning.
When breaktime came, I felt exhausted! I just wanted to sit and enjoy my cup of hot coffee with no interference of any kind from anyone!
When I went back to work, my boss announced that he was leaving for the rest of the day and that I was on my own. As he was leaving, a man walked in the store.
Slowly, he walked around the store glancing at the many books that were on display. He looked to be around my age and he had a very friendly face. You know, there are some people out there just by first impressions alone, you can tell they are someone that can be trusted. So I just let him wander up and down the isles and went about my work behind the counter.
When he was finished looking, he approached me. Smiling at me, he said
How are you today? I replied fine, thank you. Is there anything I can help you with? Perhaps, there is something that you cannot find that I can get for you.
No, the man replied. I have a question for you. Sure! What is it, Sir? I answered, in a low timid voice.
On your way to work this morning, why did you not answer the voice that was whispering to you throughout the air?
A lump came to my throat, how could this man possibly know about the whispers unless he was the one that was doing it! All of a sudden, I felt very confused and afraid! My heart started to beat so fast and I could feel my face turning red as a beet. My hands started to shake as I nervously asked, How do you know about that?
The man started to smile at me. Don't be afraid! I am not going to harm you in anyway!
I started to pray as fast as I could. Lord, please come to my rescue. I need you now, this very moment! You always come to me when I need refuge and I do believe, I need it right away!
I looked up at the man standing in front of me. A light was glowing all around him. He announced, it was me speaking to you this morning. How come you did not listen to what I had to say and kept on walking? Why, you even said to me, Stop Calling Me!
I looked at the man and I could see him transforming into a much younger man. I knew then that it was My Lord Jesus standing there looking at me. I hung my head in sorrow and said Lord, Please Forgive me!
He looked at me and smiled. I said Lord, what have I done that is so wrong that you came to speak to me. I try my best to be righteous in all that I do.
With a loving voice, He replied, Nothing! I just wanted to let you know that I hear your prayers and I enjoy your talking to me everyday! There is never a day goes by that you don't say "Good Morning Lord, What Can I Do For You Today?" That is the way, I wish all my children would be!
Mark 12:13
And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

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Re: Good Morning Lord

Post by Hope » Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:42 am

What a Wonderful story! Like you I start my day with God the minute my eyes open. And for you to hear Him whisper to you letting you know how much He loves hearing from you is Truly a Blessing! This touched my heart today!
God Bless You Love Eva

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