Prince In Search Of A Bride

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Prince In Search Of A Bride

Post by B.J.Morbitzer » Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:58 pm

Prince In Search of A Bride

A father desired a wife for his son of royal descent.

The son left the castle on a mission and everywhere he went

He dropped off invitations for his feast and ball;

He wasn’t too particular, but left them with one and all.

There was much preparation by the King and the officials

The King and Prince agreed they wanted “no rituals.”

The market-place and villages were filled with joyful aire

As Mom and Dads, and daughters discussed this everywhere!

Hours and days went by: the waiting was at its end –

Much anticipation was found in each home in the land.

One hundred or more young ladies were dressed in costly apparel:

Each one hoped they would be the one the young Prince chose to marry.

The night was long, the Prince worn from dance after dance, after dance

All of the ladies were honored for this once in a lifetime chance.

Said the Prince within himself, “In which of these may I confide

all that I have hidden and who can I trust with My life?”

Time was slipping by so quickly, all seemed but in vain;

For the Prince found much beauty but none to wear His Name.

Suddenly, an offensive stench quickly filled the room:

Thoughts of love and marriage escaped the wanted Groom.

Every instrument in the orchestra ceased to play;

“What is that disgustful odor?” some began to say.

People held their noses, then all saw with their eyes,

The smell was from a young lady who had walked in by surprise.

The guards at once took hold on her to remove her from her place;

Because they were embarrassed for the lady was a sore disgrace.

A since of awe came over the Prince and the people did not understand;

but His Eyes were filled with compassion when he saw what was clutched in her hand:

“What is it you have there?” the Prince asked, wanting to hear it from her:

“I was given this invitation one week ago from You Sir.”

The Prince asked quite sternly, “Then, why didn’t you dress for the occasion?”

Did you honestly think I could choose to love you in this situation?!”

“You dishonor Me with your smell, and your overall appearance.

How could you think to approach unto Me? You are an embarrassing interference!

And now, before you depart from Me, I will give you this:

You may say one word, and one word only Miss.”

The crowd began to mock her and spit upon her clothes:

Some laughed, some jeered, and most of them stood and held their nose.

“Sir, the young lady cried, this is my one word:”

Scoffing fell upon the crowd, to them she was absurd.

“Mercy!” as she hung her head, then silence filled the room

Suddenly tears welled up in the Eyes of the wanted Groom.

The Prince approached the young lady who was kneeling there;

He knelt down beside her and gently brushed back her hair.

When He did, He saw the hidden beauty behind her eyes

His heart was filled with love for her: He knew He could trust her with His Life.

“Will you wear My Name and be washed in the water?

And, will you walk with Me in the authority of My Father?”

“I will love you forever” He said, “if you will come and go with Me.”

No one said a word, for they knew it could lead to injury.

Her life flashed before her eyes, everywhere she had been:

The young lady was filled with sorrow for her every sin.

She knew what she deserved; but for pardon, she didn’t even have to plea:

She said within herself, “This Prince really loves me.”

Then she lifted her eyes until they fell upon His,

“Yes, I will do what You ask, and You will be my Prince.”

I will wash in the water and follow Father with You:

You say You will love me forever?

Forever my Prince? Me too! I can leave all for You… for YOU!

GOD’s marvelous and powerfully wonderful grace in Dawn Gwin 10-11-2010
I posted this one for Dawn Gwin. She asked me if I would.Written By Dawn Gwin.

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Re: Prince In Search Of A Bride

Post by Hope » Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:30 am

Dawn did an Amazing job writing this she is so gifted and always listens to God! I was so caught up in this story and I Loved the ending which I know lead the bride right to God!

Thank you so much for sharing this for Dawn!

God Bless You Both Love Eva

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Re: Prince In Search Of A Bride

Post by Janice Kennedy » Fri Mar 22, 2013 7:45 pm

Soon after I started reading this one, it reminded me of my Dawn.
I have read so many of her wonderful writes. She is a marvel when it comes
to writing about her Lord. Thank you, Dear B.J. for posting this for her.

GLYASDI, Jan ))(( )))(((

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