The Pain

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The Pain

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This Pain

Here I sit alone once again
Holding my head in my hands
Trying to figure out why
After all, you left me for another man

When we were married years ago
I remember you saying “I do”
And when the preacher turned to me
I also recall saying “I do” too

Yet tonight you left me
With just a note on the stand
That you won’t be back
How you left me for another man

Though we took our vowels
In front of family and friends
All of who witnessed our love
But now it’s crashed to an end

Life has its funny ways it seems
With all of its twists and turns
If we don’t watch where we’re going
Soon enough we’ll crash and burn

But I must keep on going
Trying to hold my head as high as I can
Always hoping for all the best
And see what else life has in its plans

Just know this heart will always love you
And maybe love will find me again
So I must keep moving on ward
Before this crazy world come to and end

I guess those words meant nothing to you
Even though you agreed to be mine
As I agreed to be yours as well
Right up until the end of time

This hurt I can not erase away
No matter how much I wipe away the tears
I have a strong feeling,my love
This pain will last a good many years

Written 7/28/22 by Norman Hale
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