~~Follow Your Heart~~

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~~Follow Your Heart~~

Post by Shirley Shaw » Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:20 pm

When you have a doubt about something
or maybe even someone,follow your heart.
Let it tell you what to do
cause it is usually always right.

If you feel uncertain about someone
that you think you may Love,but are not sure
follow your heart.
Your heart will tell you true.

Listen to your heart speak
cause it will guide you along the way.
It will tell you certain things,
that you may need to sow or reap.

Follow your heart because in it,'God resides',
and He will always be there to lead your life.
Your heart will be your guide
and lead you down the path from wrong to right.

Always follow your heart,
cause it may save you much sorrow
and many undo scars.
To you, always let it be a part.

(Written by-Pastor Shirley ann shaw)...

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