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At Times

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:25 pm
by blessed

At times life has a way
of making you scratch your head.
Things get so chaotic,
you just wanna stay in bed.

But if we were all to quit
and just call it a day,
There would never be sunshine,
clouds would all be gray.

Sometimes I do get tired,
and wonder if I should care?
But then a ray of hope,
and the sun begins to glare.

You start to think and realize
life is not so bad.
You begin to count your blessings,
and forget that you were sad.

So you get up from the floor,
and and adjust your thoughts in mind,
Your vision starts to clear,
no longer are you blind.

Life's too short to pity
the things you cannot change.
So you admit that you're not normal,
just a little more than strange.

Funny how the rain that falls
is used to cleanse the scene,
You realize no need to shout,
just smile and be serene.