I would if I could

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I would if I could

Post by Helen Herliana » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:58 am

I would if I could

If you’re alone outside
Where loneliness and emptiness abide
And you're lonely, feeling empty inside
I’m sending you showers of shooting stars
To bring cheers and light up the dark sky
To heal your wounds and scars

When your life seems very dry and drained
I send showers of blessings like summer rains.
That you may praise the ONE who reigns.
Whose promises never falter.
Who turns the desert into pools of water.
And parched ground into rivers.

When you are down,
No happiness to be found.
No loved ones are around.
I’m sending showers of agape from above.
Where God gives HIS eternal love.
To make you strong, to make you tough.

If I could fill the emptiness, I would.
I would give you that happiness if I could.
But except God, no one is good.

By: Helen Herliana O’Reilly

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