Dearest Friend,

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Dearest Friend,

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Dearest Friend,

Truly I hope that I am well accepted by you, and most importantly that you find these inspirational passages which I devote in Jesus' Name, to our World,...a blessing for you and yours!....

All I ask, is that you consider finding others, with whom to share them. I am 50 years old, stand 6 foot tall and weigh approx. 235 lbs.; also I enjoy working-out, two to three times per week,...approx. 2-3 hours each session, most diligently so!.... I would like to cordially invite you, to write to me at my physical and/or E-Mail address below, where I shall continue our lasting friendship!....

This is a most marvelous opportunity to maintain our contact, a warm-hearted one. Let us be Pen-Pals, as when we were children, and make fresh our Hearts, as we bond beautifully, with God’s Word, as our witness. As well, I enjoy developing my mind, by studying His Word, and by writing these passages, for all who allow themselves to be approachable!...

Ours, is a labor of Love,...simply because we are fully aware, that He Loved us,...First!.... We strive, together to imitate this Love, in many fashions and through various aspects of each and every one of our lives!.... Please strive as I am today, to keep close to one another,…for we are but few; like sheep amongst Wolves!.... Together, we can passivate our Pains and soothe our Sorrows!....

I hope you and I, can cultivate a beautiful friendship, based on our likened Faith, and that you would trust me enough, so that I may send you pictures of myself.

Mother, (Mirella, who is 74 years young),...has been my anchor in life, in many ways. I practice,..."Abstainance",...and since, (15 years ago),...I have refused to practice any further promiscuity!.... At the same time, this does not make me, any less of a Man. On the contrary, I am more Man today,…than I have ever been; now that I embrace Jesus Christ’s teachings. I shall demonstrate this, Lord willing, as we continue to grow in our Faith!...

I Pray that our duties bring us, ever so near, to one another and fondly so. Until then, I am and shall always remain,...most Affectionately Yours!....

With All Of My Love,

Israel Falcon, (Izzy!...)
1337 Holcomb’s Pond Court
Alpharetta, Ga. 30022


P.S. Your feedback, is very important to me. So, I ask that you let me know your wishes, as to whether or not, you wish to continue receiving these inspirational passages; and I shall comply, with your request. I will be Praying for you and yours!....
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