Let me introduce myself

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Let me introduce myself

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I am a poet, of little renown,
In life’s sawdust ring, I am the clown

I am the dreamer, of fortune and fame
Pipe dreams and smoke rings are all that I claim

I am the conscience, for those who can't speak
I am the champion, of those who are weak

I am a soul, lost on life’s by-way
I am a student, still learning to pray.

I am sister, a mom and a wife
Stumbling and fumbling to make it through life

I am your neighbor, or the gal down the street
I am the stranger, you happen to meet

An unruly child of my Father above
A kaleidoscope of confusion and love

I'm a pretender, an actress, a clone
Searching and floundering for what is my own.

I am the collage of the life that I’ve known
An image reflecting seeds wildly sown

I am thorn in the paw of life's lion
I am the spur that keeps other folks trying

I am the only thing that I can be...
Far less than I wish, I am humbly me.
By Sandy lee
© 2015Sandy lee (All rights reserved)
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Re: Let me introduce myself

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hey great write sandy lee i'll ook for more of your works welcome to nethugs
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Re: Let me introduce myself

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Hello Sandy Lee good to have you in Net Hugs, Welcome. Love your poem and you sound like fun and a great person. Please let us enjoy more of your poems. Sincerely, Brenda
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