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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are having problems using our forums, please look through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here:

If your problem is not answered in the FAQ please feel free to post it on this support forum.
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Post by Glendaseerb »

I took me quite some time to figure out what FAQ actually meant, when I first saw it. I just lumped it in with all that other stuff like RAM, CPU AND GUI. I had some vague idea of what they meant, but didnt know what the letters stood for. One day I was on a site that actually had the link spelled out as Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ me Thats what it means

Why wasnt that the first question on all those lists that Id been viewing?
BTW...I love the Mental Floss web site. Its on my favourites list.
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Post by AmeliaNak »

if you dont mind answering my question..

How do you put up pictures in your forums??
I really want to do and see people doing it but i really have no idea


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