what would u do

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what would u do

Post by mesha200613 »

what would u do if u was geetin a strange feelin that God is tellin u somethin but u dont know what it is!? :?:
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Post by john316meansu »

I would go into my bedroom, GET down on my knees, and ask the Lord to tell me what he has on his mind. and then get silent. Sometimes you know without a doubt He trying to tell you something but you just need to get into a quiet place.... Let us say your in the livingroom vaccuuming the floor... The t.v is on. you turn to see what is on t.v but can't hear because of the vaccuum cleaner.. what do you do ? You cut the vaccuum cleaner off. so you can hear... SO GO LISTEN. and ask the Lord to make your ears sensitive to his voice. His word says.. MY CHILDREN HEAR MY VOICE AND NO OTHER VOICE WILL THEY FOLLOW.
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Miss Caroline
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Post by Miss Caroline »

Excellent advise Sandy.....I totally agree. I feel that everyone needs to have their quiet place where thay can listen to the words of God.
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Doug Holt
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Post by Doug Holt »

great advise Carol and Sandy.

we know IT WORKS.

Positive thoughts Mesha

Doug :)
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Post by ANTOINIA2 »

Speak to the Lord in simple and plain language, Remember, He understsands them all. It is only through Belief in Him that you will hear His answer. Not with your ears but with sixth sense many call your GUT feelings. Ask that He open the door that will lead you to the answers you seek. But REMEMBER all things come to us in GOD'S time not ours.

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Post by scolastical »

i wish you would listen to what sandy and the rest are saying.my only advice is that have time for GOD and HE will have time for you. :)

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