A Joke for you...

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A Joke for you...

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Joke for you guys....

A woman went to heaven and saw St. Peter at the gates. She said, "Oh, I'm so glad I made it."
St. Peter replies, "Yes, but in order to enter, you need to correctly spell a word."
The woman asks," What word?"
He replies, "Any word is fine as long as it's spelled correctly."
The woman thinks for a moment then spells the word L-O-V-E.
St. Peter grants her entrance into heaven, but then asks a woman for a favor. He asks if she can watch the door a moment for him.
The woman says, "But what will I do if someone comes along?"
Just have them spell a word, just like you did.
Suddenly the womans ex-husband arrives at the gate.
"What are you doing here?" the woman exclaims.
"Go figure", the man replies, "I made to heaven."
"Not yet", stated the woman.
"What do you mean?", asked her exhusband.
"You need to spell a word correctly in order to get in", she replied.
The exhusband thought for a moment then asked, "What word?"
The woman thought for a moment, then said,"checkoslovakia."

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Re: A Joke for you...

Post by Hope »

This is so cute I would more than likely do the same thing to him LOL!
God Bless You Eva
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