May We Pray

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May We Pray

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May We Pray

Let every woman
Child and every man
Turn your troubles to Jesus
All across this great land

May every knee bow
As hands fold into prayers
Telling of all our troubles
Because we know He really cares

Give away our troubles
As we give a helping hand
Sharing our little bits of knowledge
Like little grains of sand

May we pray for our Nation
And leaders to see us through
As we watch each and every day
Yet, some never have a clue

As we kneel down to pray
May our hearts fill with joy
Felt from Heaven on high
Like when we was small girls and boys

So give your prayers to Jesus
It’s the least that we can give
For He died there upon that cross
So we might Eternally live

Written 9/29/2020
By Norman Hale Jr.
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