Just A Rose

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Just A Rose

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Just A Rose

She just a rose
From Heaven above
Fragile like glass
But full of God's love

She clear and pure
Like the love in her heart
To often it’s shattered
Or torn all apart

Straight like the stem
So tall and so proud
Blooming with pride
She stands out from the crowd

Her perfume is like a fragrance
That stores do not even sell
But if you get just a whiff
It might put you in a spell

She has a few leafs
Growing around her stem
Helping her to balance
From nature’s heavy winds

As the rain drips on her
It will only help her grow
No matter what the weather
Her beauty will always show

Her top is full of bloom
Oh what a sight she is to see
With the pedals going around
Yes she’s as pretty as can be

Written 1/23/2020 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2020 (All rights reserved)
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