A St. Patrick’s Day Wish

For all of you Irish lads –
and your darling colleens,
Here is an Irish wish –
sent to you from me.

As you celebrate this special day –
in festive Irish green,
make sure you do an Irish jig,
standing tall and lean.

Swing your lass in circles –
until you hear the gong,
drink your mug of Irish beer –
and sing an Irish song.

So, here’s to the land –
of the Irish so green,
with shamrocks –
in your eyes to gleam.

Here’s to the land –
you love so dearest and most,
Here’s a wish to good old Ireland –
To you, an Irishman’s toast.

Written & Submitted By:
Deacon Steve A. Politte (DeaconSteve)

For luck in Love, Friendship, and Fortune,
send these Irish Beer Brothers to 10 people.

Music © Author Unknown