All These Things

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May you find your strength within
And wisdom is what you bestow
May you have friends on whom you can depend
And spread happiness wherever you go.

May you be able to forgive each person
Who has hurt you along the way
And may you override and never succumb
To the devil’s evil ways.

May you be able to enjoy your life
And know that you’ve truly been blessed
May you be able to handle the strife
And also discard the rest.

May you see the goodness in everyone you meet
And see their soul therein reside
And may you be able to compete
And to others be their guide.

May you always know contentment and peace
And angels guide your way
May you be able to increase
The goodness in others every day.

All these things are yours my friend
They are there inside of you
Bring them forth as the Lord did intend
He will always see you through.

Chee Chee Martin
© 2010

Music © Yuko Ohigashi