Desperately Loving You Desperately – Don Williams

“Desperately Loving You Desperately” is a country song performed by Don Williams and released in 1983. The song was written by American songwriter Bob McDill, who is known for penning several hit country songs.

Interestingly, “Desperately Loving You Desperately” was not originally intended for Don Williams. McDill had initially written the song for another country artist, Waylon Jennings. However, Jennings turned it down, and Williams later recorded the song, turning it into a hit.

The song’s lyrics express the deep and intense emotions of a man in love, who feels desperate and helpless without the person he loves. The melody and Williams’ deep, resonant voice add to the song’s emotional impact, making it a classic in the genre of country love songs.

Overall, “Desperately Loving You Desperately” showcases the power of a great songwriter and the ability of a skilled performer to turn a simple, heartfelt message into a timeless classic.

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