Horse Rescue

Join us for an inspiring journey to Central Texas, where Larry and Peggy Neaves have transformed their retirement into a haven for some unlikely companions – horses in need.

Long before the sunrise paints the sky, Larry and Peggy are already up and about, preparing breakfast for 18 hungry horses. With names like Flower, Fargo, and Twizzle, each horse at Forever Home Ranch has its own unique story and its own special needs. But for Chef Peggy, it’s a labor of love.

In a world where a 12-hour day is considered a luxury, Larry and Peggy find fulfillment in caring for these beautiful creatures, despite their initial plans for travel and leisure.

Former FBI agent Larry and US Customs inspector Peggy have seen the worst of humanity in their careers, but instead of being hardened by it, they’ve opened their hearts and their home to horses abandoned, abused, and neglected.

From Charlie, the herd alpha, whose feet were once so bad he could barely walk, to Pixee, a young mule left hogtied at an auction arena, each horse at Forever Home Ranch has a story of resilience and survival.

But it’s not just physical care they provide. Larry and Peggy offer love, respect, and a sense of belonging to these animals who have known nothing but cruelty.

Despite their lack of experience with horses just a few years ago, the Neaves’ rehab techniques have worked miracles, drawing praise from horse lovers and veterinarians alike. And while they initially thought they’d be running a hospice for horses with short life expectancies, their dedication has extended the lives of many.

For Larry and Peggy, there’s no greater joy than seeing these horses thrive under their care. From shy to outgoing, each horse has its own personality, and each is cherished like family.

But their work isn’t easy. Trimming hooves and managing horses can be dangerous, but the Neaves face it with grace and determination.

Their love knows no bounds, even when it comes time to say goodbye. For every horse that finds peace at Forever Home Ranch, Larry and Peggy find fulfillment in knowing they’ve made a difference.

Join us as we witness the incredible bond between humans and horses, and the power of love to heal even the deepest wounds. This is the story of Forever Home Ranch, where every horse is cherished, every life is valued, and every day is a gift.

Larry & Peggy Neaves
Forever Home Ranch
Brookesmith, TX 76827
Phone: 325-643-2717