I Looked Up

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I looked down and I found
that everything looked bad,
I looked back and I saw
so many things that were sad.
I looked up and I could feel
the sun shine on my face,
I felt love, and I felt peace,
and Gods Heavenly grace.
I realized everyday what I needed to do,
No matter what I was doing,
or what I was going through.
If I looked down I missed the hope,
and the strength for the day,
If I looked back I’d dwell on things,
I could not change anyway.
But looking up I would find everything that I need,
I’d have a reason to keep trying,
knowing with God I could succeed.
Everyday as I pray I ask God for His will,
Knowing He takes care of me,
and no matter what He loves me still.
And when I’m down, and feeling like
there is no hope around,
I look up and I realize,
where true hope is found.
When I look back and I worry about,
what has already been done,
I look up and I see the battles over,
and my Father has won.
Yes looking up my soul is filled,
with Gods peace, and Gods love,
My life is blessed everyday,
because of my Father above.

© Eva Dimel

Music © Bruce DeBoer