If I Could Make a Miracle

If I could make a miracle
I’d make one just for you
If I could make a rainbow
That’s just what I’d do.

If I could change a second
Of any day gone by,
For you I’d do it anytime
Or at least, for you, I’d try.

If I could change your life anew,
I’d change it for the best
But since I haven’t angel wings,
My powers aren’t blessed.

So if you don’t mind–for I’m not sure,
I’ll call upon another:
The one who can do anything
My own sweet Heavenly Father.

To Him I’ll send a prayer for you,
One that will make you blessed
As you carry on this earthly life,
On this your heavenly quest.

This is the very greatest gift
That I have to provide,
To send my precious Heavenly Father
To sit at your sweet side.

Written & Submitted By:
Carolyn Ford Witt (Miss Caroline)