In My Heart

Kisses laced with fire
Caresses soft as silk
Words of love flowing freely
Like the sweetest honey and milk

Here by your side
Is where I belong
For this kind of love
I have waited so long

No words needed now
Your look says so much
And I feel myself melting
At your sweet, gentle touch

You play my heart
Like a fine violin
Opening it up wide
To the love held within

I wrap my arms around you
And whisper your name
We’re both swept away
By the heat of love’s flame

Our skin is still damp
With a tender love’s dew
Amazed how each touch
Can still be so new

I lay at your side
Making swirls on your chest
Slowly coming down
From our passion’s crest

You are the one
That is here in my heart
I kiss you so softly
And swear we’ll never part

For you are my life
My love and my soul
You are the one
With whom I want to grow old

So lay aside your questions
Put to rest your fears
I’m going to love you
For all of my years

Written & Submitted By:
Tangela D. Alexander