I’ve Kissed You My Last Time – Kitty Wells

“I’ve Kissed You My Last Time” is a popular country song performed by Kitty Wells, one of the pioneering female vocalists in the genre. Kitty Wells, born Ellen Muriel Deason in 1919, gained fame in the 1950s and 1960s with her traditional country sound and emotionally powerful performances. She is often referred to as the “Queen of Country Music” and was the first female solo artist to reach number one on the country music charts.

“I’ve Kissed You My Last Time” was released by Kitty Wells in 1952. The song was written by Jenny Lou Carson, a notable country songwriter of that era. The lyrics of the song revolve around a bittersweet theme of ending a romantic relationship. The narrator of the song, a heartbroken individual, has reached a breaking point and decides to walk away from their lover. The title suggests that the narrator has decided that the last time they kissed their partner would indeed be the final time.

The song’s lyrics convey the raw emotions of a failed relationship and the decision to move on. Kitty Wells’ soulful and heartfelt vocal delivery enhanced the song’s impact, resonating with audiences and making it a hit. Her distinctive voice and ability to convey deep emotions made her a beloved figure in country music.

Kitty Wells was known for her ability to connect with her listeners through her songs, often tackling themes of heartbreak, infidelity, and the struggles of love and relationships. Her music had a significant impact on the country music genre, and she became an inspiration to many female artists who followed in her footsteps.

“I’ve Kissed You My Last Time” remains a classic country song and a testament to Kitty Wells’ talent as a vocalist. Her contributions to country music, along with her string of hits and her trailblazing role as a female artist, have solidified her place in music history.


Down the road of love I see sign after sign
That tells me you’re no longer mine
But a heart full of love is a heart sad and blind
I love you so and it hurts me to know that
I’ve kissed you my last time
Every sign that I see tells me you’re not for me
But I cherish thoughts of days gone by
I’ll be your slave till I’m in my grave
I love you so and it hurts me to know that
I’ve kissed you my last time
I have searched everywhere but there’s nothing can compare
With the thrill of your kiss that once was mine
But now your kiss is so cold, don’t know what the future holds
I love you so and it hurts me to know that
I’ve kissed you my last time

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