O Come All Ye Faithful – Celtic Woman

This video is an exquisite performance of the Christmas tune.

Originally written as a Latin hymn, titled, “Adeste Fideles,” it has been attributed to various authors. I subscribe to the song coming from John Francis Wade, since all the earliest copies have his name on them.

The original four verses of the hymn were extended to a total of eight, and these have been translated into many languages. The English translation of “O Come, All Ye Faithful” by the English Catholic priest Frederick Oakeley, written in 1841, is widespread in most English speaking countries. The present harmonization is from the English Hymnal (1906)

This performance of the English, “O Come All Ye Faithful,” comes from the wonderful musical ensemble known as Celtic Woman. For those who are also interested in the Divine Culture that exists in Heaven, you can see that this is another group who also tries to bring forth the Purity in colors and music.

The dresses warn have the colors of the Threefold Flame, of Blue, Yellow and Pink, representing Power, Wisdom, and Love, as well as the color of the current Cycle for the Earth, which is Violet and represents Redemption. The Violinist (Máiréad Nesbitt) comes out in the Purity of White.

They have done a wonderful job bringing forth the beauty, and Divine Culture into the outer world, and as the prayer goes in Christian circles, we ask “Thy Kingdom Come.” This is how His Kingdom does come, we bring it here with our choices and actions.

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