One summer’s evening in 2016, Lisa Fandrich spotted an elderly man pushing his wheelchair and a walker across an overpass in Phoenix, Arizona. And over the next few months, the man became a regular sight in the area. Fandrich, however, was broken-hearted at the thought of the gentleman’s predicament, so one day she decided to ask what he was doing.

Fandrich works both as a health coach at Beachbody and as a barista at a Starbucks in Phoenix. It was while she was going about her daily business, moreover, that she spotted the elderly gentleman. And that wouldn’t be the only time Fandrich would see him, either.

As Fandrich described to 12 News in November 2016, “I saw this elderly man crossing the overpass on the 51, in the middle of summer at 8:30 p.m. at night, pushing his wheelchair and a walker.” It was a sight that the health coach found somewhat upsetting.

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