Silent Thanksgiving Prayer

It will soon be thanksgiving once again
Time for families to eat, celebrate
But not everyone will be so fortunate
Not every soul will be blessed with a full plate

Let’s remember to say a silent prayer
For the ones who will barely scrape by
Pray that they will find the strength
For all tears to be wiped from their eyes

Pray that they will find peace at heart
Even though their plates may be empty
Pray they will live a fruitful life
Though food may not come in heaps of plenty

When we bow our heads to say grace
Remember those who thinks no one cares
Be thankful, don’t ever forget your gifts
As you say a silent Thanksgiving prayer

Written & Submitted By:
© Dana Brooks

Please pass this Silent Thanksgiving Prayer to 10 people.
Let us remember the less fortunate on this blessed day.

Music © Tom Moir