The lives of the Amish in the US

A life just as it was 300 years ago: the Amish in the US. They live according to their own rules, reject technological advances, wear old-fashioned clothing and drive horse-drawn carts. An encounter with the Amish is like traveling back in time.

Originating from southern Germany and Switzerland, the Amish community brought its culture and language to the New World. Deeply rooted in their faith, the Amish adhere to strict codes and reject modern technology. For outsiders, these rules can sometimes appear strange. They traverse their rural communities in horse-drawn carts, but if a distance is too far, they’re allowed to use a shuttle service. They don’t use telephones unless it’s for business purposes and the device is located outside of the home.
Children are expected to help with housework even when they’re attending school. But before they’re baptized as young adults and finally become part of the Amish community, they’re allowed to try what’s called the rumspringa: a period of time when they’re encouraged to behave like regular teenagers – before deciding on which lifestyle they prefer. But those who opt for a conventional, modern existence are exiled. The film sheds light on a fascinating world governed by tradition.

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