The Night Of The Spirits

It’s the night of the spirits
With them moving all around
From witches cackling and screatching
To, mummies making their mournful sound

The moon is at its fullest
And the stars are shining bright
It’s not hard to see witches flying by
Then there are werewolves howling all night

Don’t forget the ghosts around graveyards
As well as so many haunted houses too
You never know where they’ll be
Or , when they’ll pop out to say BOO

Yes it’s the night of the spirits
Watch out come Halloween night
For you never know what you might see
Or what might give you a fright

Now, don’t forget the spiders
Dangling from the ceilings up above
Catching most of their prey
In their web like a glove

On the night of the spirits
Do you think you’ll be prepared
Or will you be one of those
That screams when they get scared

Written & Submitted by: © Norman Hale Jr

Music © Author Unknown