This Is Life (1950)

About how protein from meat is important to human body. Also about the entire meat process – from livestock ranchers to transportation to stockyards to meatpacking to your grocery store. Missing the slaughterhouse. then we see a butcher explaining about how to get four meals out of one shank of ham. “Full and complete” story of meat from the ranches and farms of America to the dinner table. Stresses importance of protein to human growth. Travels across the land to show a cycle of mealtimes from East to West. Raphael G. Wolff: “We felt that This Is Life was essentially the story of you — and how powerful substances came out of the earth to enter your own blood stream — to become your own ideas, actions and activities…It incorporates the relation of blizzards in Colorado to the steak you may order in a restaurant; the relation of nails driven in the roof of a hog shelter to the ham slice whose sizzling song heralds another day in your life.” What did you think? Please tell us in the comment section below and remember to sign up for our free newsletter.