What Friendship Does

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Friendship is a special thing
That comes straight from the heart
It reaches out in many ways
To tenderly impart

A loving thought, a caring word
The touch of love that heals
The miracle of friendship
Is the heart that it reveals

A cup of coffee and a chat
Can get one through the day
Just a smile from warm, kind eyes
Gives more than words can say

Friendship is a blessed thing
A gift sent straight from God
It winds around your heart
Because it grows from Heavenly sod

We are the friendship flowers
That will open on the vine
Each time we share our beauty
We are spreading the Divine

Friendship makes a lovely world
More beautiful to behold
Our eyes aglow with love to flow
A treasure brighter than gold

O’ friendship can do many things
And doesn’t cost a dime
This one kind deed has such a power
To stand the test of time

So hold a hand out to someone
Don’t worry ’bout what you’ll see
It’s all about what friendship does
‘Tis love ‘tween thee and me

Written & Submitted By:
© Linda Vale Martin

Music © Andy Klapwyk