Wishful Thinking

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Long lace curtains billow in the evening breeze
Wafting in the scent of a honeysuckle night,
Darkening blue skies flirt with pink dusk clouds
A choir of birds take their last cool flight.

In with the breeze blow thoughts of you.
I close my eyes and dream a sweet dream,
Honeyed twilight enfolds this vision
And you stand here beside me it seems.

But it was only my own wishful thinking
That had you bend and kiss my hand.
It was not your soft hair that tickled
But still I touch where your kisses land.

The moon kisses the sun goodbye,
Farewell until a new dawn will awaken.
Another day towards new horizons
And all demon ills gladly forsaken.

Dream with me my love tonight.
Meet me by a pool so deep,
Swim with me in loves embrace
And hold me close please while I sleep.

Written & Submitted By:
© mystery

Music: ‘Reflection’ © Yuko Ohigashi